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The Bromeliad Society International. Here's the Holy Grail of Bromeliad information and contacts. There is extensive scientific information about bromeliads as well as a definitive bibliography. The BSI 2004 world conference is right here in Chicagoland, please contact us if you want to participate.

Bird Rock Tropicals

Bird Rock Tropicals (I have visited this place and it is vast and beautiful) specializes in air plants, but has a prodigous selection of Bilbergia, Cryptanthus, Aecmea, Neoregelia, and Guzmania. Sign up to receive notice of "Web specials."


The Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies. Well, this is one of the best picture sites on the web. If you see a Vriesia saundersii you are sure is mislabeled, check here for some great pictures and win the bet with your friends.


We order twice a year from Russell's. If you have ever come to our booth at the Navy Pier spring show or to the Fall Bromeliad Society Show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, those high quality air plants are from Russell's. They also carry a variety of florist-quality Guzmanias, Vriesias, Cryptanthus, Aechmeas, and Neoregelias.

Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society

An Queensland, Australia Bromeliad Society.

Jamaican Gardens

An excellent local greenhouse of brilliant, healthy bromeliads for Chicago area enthusiasts.

Address: 14595 W Rockland Rd  Libertyville, IL

Telephone: 847-367-5570 


Well, if you can't stand buying something that someone else has ever seen, this may be your oasis. Tropiflora has an extensive collection of plants for sale that can help you fill out your collection or to take it beyond all your friends'.

Symdock Garden

Garden at Symdock, a Queensland home nursery run by Keith Dawson. Good pictures available.